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Marco Iannacone's Biography

Marco Iannacone was born in Milano (Italy) in 1969: same year of first human Lunar landing, several months before first UNIX release, 2 years before Ray Tomlinson sent the first e-mail message and Captain Crunch had *cheap* long distance call, 7 years before Woz made amazing things with 1Mhz CPU, and 15 years before copyleft creation.

He is among the first italian bloggers (
started in early 1996), and for a long time he has been considered one of the Italian expert for Linux
His training was done by the Israeli Company
Xpert Unix System (at that time one of the most qualified company in networking and security technologies).

Among his first early experiences we can mention the design and implementation of several Internet Providers and some complex Intranet/Extranet services
At that time he was also Technical Editor for some italian editor:
Inter.Net HighTech Server, Linux Journal and Apogeo.

Between 1997 and 1999 was very active in promoting Linux and in general opensource in Italy. Additionally he developed and maintained it.comp.linux FAQ and supported SuSE Linux GmbH in localizing their distribution.

Later he worked for some multinational corporation in Italy and abroad and he gained extensive knowledge on internetworking, technical/infrastructure management and optimization.

Marco is NOT an Engineer but he is interested in everything with a working CPU. Currently, he does consultancy activity in IT infrastructure & Networking, studies/prototypes in the area of new Human Computer Interface and - in his spare time - holds a full time managerial role in

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